Week 16 What is True Power?

We have been at sea for nearly three months now, sailing home to the Mother Port.  Where is that at?   We have been sailing single pointedly & directly into the direction of our DMP, definitive meaningful purpose.  There have been many opportunities to use our essential compass, our innate inner Guidance, our Star of True North, that Point of Light.

We have wrestled with hurricanes, stormy seas, calm seas, seas where we didn’t know where the wind would come from and perhaps lost the force, the gale to carry us directly into our destination.  But as many heroes and heroines come to understand, the joy and power is in the journey.  Life is like that.

We let go and trusted at times. We let go and allowed ourselves to feel what it is like to be  in the middle of not knowing.  Not knowing is wisdom.  When we think we know is when trouble can appear.  Pride comes before the fall.  It happens to all of us. What is left?

Surrender.  Opening to the moment with full acceptance of, “this is where I am right now.”   Accepting the moment is the wisest that thing we can do.  Breathe in, breathe out.  What if sadness arises?  Sadness is a great teacher.  It teaches us humility.  It teaches us patience, to slow down and be present with the energy of sadness.  It changes.

Sadness can be like a rose bud that slowly opens, trusting that one day it will blossom into full awakening awareness.  The awareness of this moment is precious.  Each unfolding moment is precious.  Can I open to this preciousness, this innate goodness that lives and breathes in each of our tender hearts?   Truth poured out, each of us are the embodiment of this wholeness, holiness.  There is nothing to strive for.  Rest in the natural state of our own mind.

What if true power reveals itself as we trust each moment to unfold?

What if true power is recognizing the state of just being present with ourselves?

What if value is valuing where we are right now in this moment?  There is no resistance.  What is left.  Presence of being, right here.

Gentleness.  Kindness.  Harmony within and without.

The Master Key, Part 17

#34, “If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage.”

#35, “If you wish to eliminate luck, concentrate on abundance.”

#36:  If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.”

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Week 16 Melting into Myself

I don’t know what happened, my ship suddenly halted.  There I was, relaxed and sitting in the afternoon sun.   I couldn’t move or speak.  It was as if different parts of myself were all catching up and melted into that gal in the mirror.  Here I am.  She looked more familiar with each passing night.

What if this was the best thing that ever happened to me?  Speechless, utterly.  Had kindness untied all the knots holding the false parts of myself together?  Then the tears erupted releasing  a wall of grief.  The walls are coming down, like Jericho. Like the Berlin wall did in 1989.

I made a phone call to a friend earlier in the afternoon, wanting to help with homeless children, and could she help me get the local theater to publicly play the movie, “MULLY” to inspire fellow citizens to take collective action, to reveal what one man did in Kenya, not once but four times, against all odds.

She had already been helping homeless teens on the streets of Olympia, she said, where I  have been living the last three years.  I told her that I could help with the young girls, teens who had been coerced into being human trafficked.  I could help with that.  “I could run a support group, help them build their confidence.  I have a Master’s in Clinical Psychology.   I have clothes to donate, and shoes and toiletries, warm blankets,”  I found my voice uttering these sentences.

The wall didn’t crumble until I laid in bed a few hours later, eyes cast down, listlessly.  Something picked up and moved an energy up and out of my listless body.  Lifted it out, then the tears. My cat, Sidney, gazing up at me, checking me out with her soulful eyes.  My mouth won’t open. I cannot speak.  Deep emotion thawing. I have myself back.

I am wondering if other fellow tribe members are having this kind of, a moment?

Is this what it means to meet my future self?  Tenderness falling like snow flakes, quietly, softly, from some benevolent source.  Only it is an inside job.

I imagine being embraced by an imaginary lover, an inner beloved.  Am I this beloved?  I imagine being bathed in a warm pool of sacred water.  A baptismal of utter sacredness.  I imagine some benevolent feminine figure, like the Goddess here with me, holding me in Her Countenance, in Her Grace.

I am beloved. I am loved.  My heart melting around this limp body.  My eyes barely able to open.  A shamanic soul retrieval, perhaps.  Something magical for sure.

I re-read the lesson 16 and listened to the audio 4 times today, trying to understand the meaning of the words.  Shuffled my index cards, flashing them slowly.  Documented kindnesses daily in the Alliance, “Kindnesses.”

Three meditation sessions today.  Meditating on the clear light.  Clear light.  Light.  I want to be a beacon of light.  I am a beacon of light, a lamp that can never go out, a ship, a boat.

I offer my body, mind and speech and all my merit, as I melt and pour myself into the river of humanity.










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Week 15 Create a Movement!

Imagine the support of a community, behind you, besides you, with a strong foundation underneath your feet.  Your tribe. You’ve all come to the same conclusion:  something must change.

Imagine a fleet of sleek and sturdy wooden sail boats, white sails billowing with a strong wind at your back, sailing directly, determinedly single pointedly towards a single goal.

Bows all headed in one direction, each boat painted with the name of a Virtue:  Triumph, Courage, Faith, Honor, Forgiveness, Kindness, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Gratitude, Gentleness, Graciousness, Commitment, Beauty, Mercy, Authenticity, Acceptance, Confidence, Compassion, Dignity, Enthusiasm, Equanimity, Justice, Love, Trust.

Building a movement takes only 24 hours, like the movement we are building at the MKE in Week 15, Building a movement of kindness, of independent thinkers.  Mark J’s blog, inspires us to lead a movement.  Seth Godin’s video in Mark’s blog says all you have to do is stand.  Stand in your commitment, your integrity. What really matters to you?  Build a culture by telling a story, connecting people who want to connect with each other.  Challenging the status quo ignites that momentum of molten lava, to carve out a path that makes a different, that only the goddess knows where it leads.

You have a story about what you want to change; connect like minded folks with each other; build a culture that bridges with a unifying activity, and a common goal.

An example could be UNIVERSAL PEACE, with the signature of igniting audiences with a story of how to live a life of harmony, peace & joy, unifying audiences with powerful drumming. Invite them to move their bodies, their feet, their voices. Setting forth a movement.  What about a song-phrase that strikes a cord in the heart with a common cause?  How do you wake up a passion that may have been dormant, suppressed, almost denied.  The drums at first are in resonance with the human heart beat.  At the end of the story telling, dancers appear adorned in full white hooped skirts, white tops, heads wrapped in white, dance in slow deliberate movement in unison, touch the earth with their footsteps, arms and hands low to the ground, proceed through the isles, from the back and sides of the room, drummers step out of the dark and lead the dancers to the front.

Everyone can touch the earth with their footsteps, in unison with the heartbeat of the Mother Earth to an ever enlivening melody with drummers, Afro-Brazilian music, that inspires everyone to live a life of sacredness, a reverence for the Earth and Humanity, re-sacralizing our Earth, our lives.  Each footstep is a prayer uniting communities world wide to heal our Mother Earth and the divinity within relationships between women and men.  Honoring & respecting that spark of aliveness, that goodness that is innate in each living being – each tender heart.

Peace, harmony, joy within their communities, their relationships, their homes, cities, states, countries, the world.  Honoring each other and our Mother Earth.

The leader inspires others to to want something they don’t yet have.  Burning desire to be  on the journey with like minded folks, this desire burning with a passion, as hot as red molten lava.  Can you feel how you want to move your feet and sway with the group?





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Week 15 Sailing on a Sea of Kindness


It pours out from your eyes, your heart, your hands, your intention, like warm honey in your heart. Can you taste the sweetness?  What people remember is HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL.

Your words can either heal or harm.  We all know what it is like to be the recipient of even one harsh word. Words can pierce the heart!  Words carefully chosen can warm, enliven and enrich one’s experience and build bridges.

Kindness can build strong communities. Today after the webcast, I watched Mully, one of the movies suggested for our homework two weeks ago.  I was afraid to watch the movie all the way through, but I summoned the courage.  It was an INITIATION INTO THE MYSTERIES OF THE HEART.  A theme kept repeating:  kindness.  Courage. Determination. Kindness. Courage. Forgiveness.

Kindness is a barometer that measures the virtues that dwell within:  forgiveness stands out for me from the movie.  Extending kindness to those who have harmed you.  Now thats a prayer.  I found myself on the floor sobbing deeply ;  I felt a wave move the sweet melody through my heart, of deep baritone resonance. Where is this depth feeling grief, love, joy coming from? The collective unconscious grief? Joy? Bliss?  Unconditional love.

The Madonna cried a vale of tears.

Quan Yin hears the cries of the world.  She pours from her vase in her hand, an elixir, a nectar for all the world to drink in.  Enlightenment upon taste.

Drink up, now!  Serve the nectar of a kind word.  Pour it out everywhere. Notice how it touches humanity.  Notice how watching an act of kindness activates a deep reservoir of honey in your heart.  Warmth. Sweetness.  Kindness. AH.

This is my love letter to sailing on the smooth sea of kindness.








An ancient Babylonian proverb, “A kind word is everybody’s friend.”

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Week 14 Wild, The movie

I have a personal connection to the Pacific Crest Trail, just like Cheryl Strayed, in the movie, Wild.  In the fall of 1975, I drove six hours from Spokane, Washington to the eastern base of the Cascade Mountains.  Myself and a tall lean handsome man, my boyfriend, John, ventured up into the mountains driving west towards Ellensburg, Washington, with the intention of contributing to the building of the longest hiking trail that linked three states, over 2,600 miles stretching from San Diego to the Pacific Northwest.

My boyfriend and I pitched our tent on a meadow and joined the other folks, twenty women and men, on the encampment at the lower part of the mountain.  I was lacing my hiking boots when an explosion rocked my balance.  Caboom!  Dynamite had exploded off in the distance. I closed my eyes and felt the ground shake.  It made me feel sad.  What were they doing blowing up the mountain?   My nerves, unsettled at the violence being inflicted on our Mother Earth, I sat down on the ground and touched the earth.

A volunteer noticed my hands trembling, “we are only doing what is necessary and no more, to build the trail.  It will be the longest trail ever built.  Others will hike through this very spot one day. It’s okay.”  Thus began three month volunteer job every weekend until the snows came, communing with nature, cooking for the crew, helping carry shovels and tools up the trail, sitting around the campfire after dinner staring up at the stars dotting the midnight blue sky.     .

Cheryl Strayed had the adventure of a life time, persisting even when one of her hiking boots fell down the mountainside.  Persisting even though her toenails fell off because her hiking boots were slightly too small.  Persisting even when she was almost raped by two men.  Persisting even in the snow.  Persisting. Accepting each step, difficult at times, maybe wanting to give up but knowing there was no option for that.  On step at a time.  One day at a time.  One could perish on that trail, never to be seen again.  One foot in front of the other, day after day.

At one point her mind became so still, all the thoughts had settled, like snow flakes silently falling.  Can you hear the silence of snow falling?  Must have been glorious.



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Week 13 Music & Brain Chemicals

Ebbing and flowing, the waves on the ocean roll one after the other weaving in and out,  act like a mirror for circulating the spiritual consciousness that flows within each of us.

Self directed thinking combined with persistence, and with Virtue at the helm, I have confidence that my sleek and streamlined boat is on course, sailing towards living an enlivened life and the accomplishment of my DMP.

Persistence is an energy force that when combined with listening to the recording of my DMP becomes enlivened deep inside my brain, as it is ‘music’ to my ears.  What happens deep inside the brain as I listen to the sound of my own voice & favorite music?

The melody activates the pre-frontal cortex which releases ‘feel good’ brain chemicals of oxytocin (reinforces trusting and bonding) and endorphins (sheer sensual pleasure).  What is the result?   Breaking through the chemical addiction of peptides in the brain that once linked my thoughts and actions to perhaps a poor self image, low self esteem, are now transformed easily and effortlessly.

Brain research also reveals that the medial pre-frontal cortex lights up with story telling when combined with improvisation (enthusiasm, movement) – an identity becomes “enlivened” pulling the narrator out of a “trauma identity and freeing oneself from the old pattern of negativity.  Creativity heals.

When a person engages in expressing their autobiographical narrative the medial pre-frontal cortex becomes like a magical lyre igniting a heightened self expression that is likened to the enchanting song of the sirens, the mysterious mind transforms ones’s story telling into an irresistible melody which the narrator gets to experience themselves in new light.

A censoring activity in the brain ceases, perhaps in the limbic brain which views reality through the lens of fear and negativity – the part of the brain which sends out a WARNING signal.   Individuals with psychological trauma can’t help but have a negativity bias.  And yet, one can over time build a different net of neurons which is FREEDOM!   Smooth sailing ahead.


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Week 12 Sailing the Ship of Virtue

Taking Action on What I Want to have Accomplished… may require a shift in my direction: Consulting with my compass, calculating where my true north is, I can make the necessary adjustments to the sails. 

Taking what I feel completely passionate about, my purpose, and using the energy of what is truly the “why” of my mission statement, ignites the flame of taking action.   I take full responsibility for what I experience and the results of what I have manifested.

Sailing full force ahead has required a shift in my focus as an obstacle arose that took the wind out of my sails. I had to pause and reflect on why I was doing what I was doing and examine my goals and the people I had been involved with, over the last three years.  It was shocking. I felt lost at sea. How had I deceived myself? How can I change my course to reflect my deep and cherished Values of living a virtuous life?

Recognizing that I was headed in the wrong direction my trustworthy inner compass opened my eyes: what I perceived as an obstacle was actually a blessing even though it took the wind out of my sails.  New decisions were to be made.  How can I make the necessary changes with Virtue at the helm?

Transforming momentary confusion and lack of clarity, meant changing direction and tacking to comprehend which side of the ship the wind is coming from while under way, otherwise my ship may be lost at sea.  Compass reset: port or starboard?   Tacking is the maneuver of turning between starboard and port tack by bringing the bow (the forward part of the boat) through the wind.

Wind represents a force, could be an unconscious force that had been steering me in the wrong direction.  Who is at the helm?  Who is steering the boat?  Had I been making myself vulnerable to outside forces by not being fully present with in myself, unconsciously giving my power away?  Turning the bow to the wind, with Virtue guiding my actions, the moral excellence of a human being, I can be what I choose to be.

Living a life of Gratitude I sail on the smooth sea of Joy and Peace, having overcome disappointment and pain

Living a life of Graciousness, I sail on the smooth sea of Dignity and Tact, transforming disrespect and rudeness, unkind words.

Living a life of Honor, I sail on the smooth sea of Dignity and Respect, having overcome shame.

Living a life of Integrity, I sail on the smooth sea of attuning to a code of conduct that is finer than flour, being complete and undivided deep within my true essence.  I value Honesty and Trust that help transcend corruption & deceitfulness.

Living a life of Gentleness, I sail on the smooth sea of Patience & Peace, offering a quiet nature free of harshness or violence, overcoming aggression.

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