Week 20 Live this day…as if it is your last

We would all be so lucky to have one of those experiences where you die, breathe your last breath, and then you actually get to come back. But first, you go on the adventure of a lifetime, a life, death and rebirth journey, where you cross over.

In March 2003, this is exactly what happened for me.  The doctors three months earlier told me that I was going to die.  I had been living for months with an injury to a vertebral artery in my cervical spine, C-1. A doctor had adjusted my neck and gave me a small stroke, and I was pretending not to know how serious it was. When truth had caught up with me, I was at the mercy of the present moment.  Acceptance brought a wealth of blessing.  I let go of all anger, and instead lived in the beauty and softness of complete and utter forgiveness. I didn’t want to die with any anger in my heart.

Morning, noon and night with each breath in and out, I meditated on forgiveness.  I became forgiveness. Love is for giving. Love is forgiving. I made friends with death by spending five days at Orr Hot Springs in northern California.  I prayed and wept for five days, as I bowed my head and opened my heart to the spirit of the healing water.  I was praying for a vision.

I asked God, what I could do if I was allowed to live.  I bargained with God, pleaded, and eventually the only answer arose, acceptance of what is.  I made peace with death.  In that peace I experienced an acceptance of my self that I had never experienced previously and a deep resolute peace.

And that is when I decided to live my life with total forgiveness.  I promised God and myself that I would forgive everyone and everything, in the last few months of my life.

Within in three months, the moment came, March 13, 2003. I exhaled my last breath.  I became aware of billions of cells in my body, each with their own consciousness and each with a light.  Then, I became aware of one cell, one consciousness and one light.  My organs shut down one after the other, and a portal opened, a narrow opening through which my essence past through, and everything that was not my true self sloughed off, like a snake shedding its skin.

I saw how others had harmed me, it played like a movie. I forgave it all, without any hesitation.  Then, a movie played of how I harmed others. I was “forgiven.”  The journey took 2 days in our time, but seemed to pass within the blinking of an eye. I saw my ancestors dancing for me.  I said, “I am not ready to leave, I haven’t done what I came here to do.  So please, just show me, tell me what it is you want me to know, I’m all ears, look where I am.”  I was given information to bring back and share with others.  This journey changed the entire trajectory of my life.” I am grateful.


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7 Responses to Week 20 Live this day…as if it is your last

  1. Phenomenal! You have described what the school we talked about over coffee as the ‘Light Review.’ I have not heard that description from anyone who had not attended the school in Yelm.

    • Thanks for commenting, Greg! That is interesting. The Light Review. The Light Brigade…are the words that came out of my mouth just now. The light. The light before, the light behind me, the light beside me, the light above me, the light below me. Oh, the light.

  2. The Light Review is the unwinding of the electromagnetic fields that surrounds the body that holds the information of that lifetime. The review has two parts – the effects that your experiences have had on you and the effects of the experiences of your life on others. Your description fits perfectly what I have been taught.

  3. Naomi your writing is exceptional. It pulls me in every time.

  4. marcam22 says:

    Wow. I have no words. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Miriam Papke says:

    I’m looking where you are Naomi with feelings of awe and inspiration. Love and thank you for sharing wisdom from your journey.

  6. Naz #Master Key Experience says:

    Beautifully written. I’m inspired by your strength and faith.
    Hugs&Harmony, Naz xo🙏♥️🤙🗝👩‍🚒🚒👑🙌

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