Week 16 What is True Power?

We have been at sea for nearly three months now, sailing home to the Mother Port.  Where is that at?   We have been sailing single pointedly & directly into the direction of our DMP, definitive meaningful purpose.  There have been many opportunities to use our essential compass, our innate inner Guidance, our Star of True North, that Point of Light.

We have wrestled with hurricanes, stormy seas, calm seas, seas where we didn’t know where the wind would come from and perhaps lost the force, the gale to carry us directly into our destination.  But as many heroes and heroines come to understand, the joy and power is in the journey.  Life is like that.

We let go and trusted at times. We let go and allowed ourselves to feel what it is like to be  in the middle of not knowing.  Not knowing is wisdom.  When we think we know is when trouble can appear.  Pride comes before the fall.  It happens to all of us. What is left?

Surrender.  Opening to the moment with full acceptance of, “this is where I am right now.”   Accepting the moment is the wisest that thing we can do.  Breathe in, breathe out.  What if sadness arises?  Sadness is a great teacher.  It teaches us humility.  It teaches us patience, to slow down and be present with the energy of sadness.  It changes.

Sadness can be like a rose bud that slowly opens, trusting that one day it will blossom into full awakening awareness.  The awareness of this moment is precious.  Each unfolding moment is precious.  Can I open to this preciousness, this innate goodness that lives and breathes in each of our tender hearts?   Truth poured out, each of us are the embodiment of this wholeness, holiness.  There is nothing to strive for.  Rest in the natural state of our own mind.

What if true power reveals itself as we trust each moment to unfold?

What if true power is recognizing the state of just being present with ourselves?

What if value is valuing where we are right now in this moment?  There is no resistance.  What is left.  Presence of being, right here.

Gentleness.  Kindness.  Harmony within and without.

The Master Key, Part 17

#34, “If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage.”

#35, “If you wish to eliminate luck, concentrate on abundance.”

#36:  If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health.”

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3 Responses to Week 16 What is True Power?

  1. marcam22 says:

    Love these reminders!

  2. Soonil MKE says:

    Thanks for reminding that we need to live today in the present. I am usually living in the past or the future and doing the MKE has helped me to live in the present more. If we allow it, things of the present can teach us a lot of things, even if we don’t understand and can’t figure out a solution at the moment. It sounds like you are being in the present and learning from the present and I wish you much peace and discovery.

    • I wish you peace & joy. When I get frustrated my “go to” strategy is to just accept exactly where I am, with as much joy and gratitude as I possibly can, and allow the moment to unfold. I enjoyed reading your press release interview; I feel the excitement and joy of helping others!

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