About Naomi

Naomi Lombardi, MA Clinical Psychology, is a writer of a Performance Memoir, author, story teller and Performance Artist sharing spiritual adventure stories – narrating the mythological inner journey of awakening to the truth of who we are:  that we have never been separate from this innate wholeness and sense of completeness. Buddhists call it Buddha Nature and everyone has that spark, that inner impulse to awaken.  Longing for this wholeness takes us deep into our heart, unlocking our inner mysteries.  Through deeply desiring to know who I am, I traverse this beautiful life in all of its manifestations, taking all adversity onto the path.



2 Responses to About Naomi

  1. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure with us. Your blog is beautifully wriiten and heart touching. One Love.

  2. Naomi –
    When we had coffee at Bread Peddler, I sensed that you had experienced an extraordinary event. You have described the process of passing and coming back in the same terms that I was taught at the school we discussed. You have validated a very important concept, the school calls the ‘Light Review.’

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