Week 18 Cultivating Mercy & Gratitude

Has anyone noticed that the future person is living in the now, in each every moment? And, that taking action is activating a spontaneity that is just absolutely delicious?

There has been an awakening process for everyone that I have been in contact with on the MKE and the website, Marco Polos and emails, etc..

In this moment, I am experiencing what one might call a head cold.  I haven’t had one in well over a year!  What would the person that I intend to become do next?  Before I take a nap, I am taking care of business, paying bills, re-watched the MKE webinar from the last time!  Getting organized, and completing my blog before taking the “nap.”

An awareness of a continual opening in my heart unravels into radiating a light that can never go out.  I am grateful for everything that arises, and have been brought to my knees a few times in the last three weeks.  Allowing for self reflection, a space inside of myself has opened up, for me to love and accept myself like I have never done before.

There is a recognition of seeing myself differently, perceiving myself in a different “light.”  Each moment of recognition is a holy instant of experiencing myself as whole and complete, and with the blessing of what I have come to call, The Angel of Mercy.

Mercy does not judge. One can grant Mercy, Be Mercy, Experience Mercy. What is this river of Mercy alive & enlivened with a flowing compassionate love for self and all others, what is forbearance?

I am reminded of the night my father died, July 2010. He was two states away.  I was with a group of 70 + people at the Unitarian Church, Berkeley, CA, praying for PEACE, LIBERATION for ALL.  In a phone call five hours earlier, the last words I uttered to him were, “you are always in my heart.”  He said, “You are always in mine.”

Back at the altar, it was 10 p.m..  I was next in line to take my place to kneel down.  My eyes beholdened what I had never witnessed before:  an angel, full of a radiating golden light, whose feathers were thick and lush, and beautifully plummed, also gold.

It wasn’t that I was seeing an angel. The Angel was emanating a golden richness, a light that was indestructible, and that kept radiating a love that pierced through my heart.  My heart full of blessings began to weep as this Angle of Mercy kept shining a light, out and out and out and out.  Filling me with an indescribable essence of love’s pure light.  Tears, a vale of tears, a river of joyful tears – this “out pouring.” My heart a cascading waterfall of undying love, filling up and spilling out.

This angel comes just as a darkness seems like it will overcome. This is the light shining out from the darkness.  Joy to the world to wake up to this love.


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4 Responses to Week 18 Cultivating Mercy & Gratitude

  1. How beautiful to have created such a transformational experience. This seems to describe the ecstasy of joy!.

  2. pam998894733 says:

    Reblogged this on Pam's Blog and commented:
    Loved…The Angel of Mercy!

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