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Week 24 Sailing Safely Back to the Harbor

Sailing back to the harbor – the strong and sleep wooden sail boat glides across the calm sea.  Stepping onto the dock with confidence I tie up my trustworthy boat, with my compass in hand. Harmony calls upon trust, faith … Continue reading

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Week 23 Simplicity

Sailing on  my sleek sailboat day in and day out, one thing I know for sure, living a life of simplicity is the ticket. Resting in the nature of your own mind – simply resting.  The mind does not move. … Continue reading

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Week 22 Meditation: Into the Core

Sailing on the azure Mediterranean Sea on my sturdy and streamlined wooden boat have presented opportunities to understand how to calm my mind in the middle of a storm, so I can sail safely home. Gaining skillful means to navigate … Continue reading

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Week 21 Sailing safely home

There is a quote I read at one point in my life, “so we women can sail safely home.”  It  was from an ancient Greek story.  I don’t remember the context, but I feel it in my bones. I sail … Continue reading

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Week 20 Live this day…as if it is your last

We would all be so lucky to have one of those experiences where you die, breathe your last breath, and then you actually get to come back. But first, you go on the adventure of a lifetime, a life, death … Continue reading

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Week 18 Cultivating Mercy & Gratitude

Has anyone noticed that the future person is living in the now, in each every moment? And, that taking action is activating a spontaneity that is just absolutely delicious? There has been an awakening process for everyone that I have … Continue reading

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Week 18 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Originally posted on PerAction:
Where am I now ? Have I become a self directed thinker that is giving without thinking of reciprocity ? Am I using the law of substitution as soon as a negative or not desired thought…

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