Week 18 with Master Key Experience #MKE

Enjoyed reading your blog, your insights & aha moments. Self directed thinker, “in m own way and speed…” Keep up the good work!


Where am I now ?

Have I become a self directed thinker that is giving without thinking of reciprocity ? Am I using the law of substitution as soon as a negative or not desired thought or feeling comes to my mind ? Do I fully understand how my mind works and that the law of growth is working each and every second ? That my brain have this net of what wires together fires together. Can I visualize and keep my concentration at a picture and/or a situation that I want to create ? Am I being in service to others ? Do I let gratitude and kindness being a priority and leading virtues in daily life ? Can I change my mood by choosing a thought and add a feeling to it ? Am I practicing writing as the highest form of architecture ? Have I started to…

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