Wk 10 Master & Commander of My Ship

Master & Commander of My Ship:  Engaging 7 Laws of the Mind

How does one command their ship when faced with waves of unpredictable circumstances? The perfect storm can arise without any warning.  We can become fearful as our boat thrashes back and forth on the high seas.  Turbulent waters of the mind can be skillfully navigated through, by engaging the 7 laws of the mind.

  • Law of Relaxation: mental effort defeats itself; rest in the natural state of your mind.
  • Law of Dual Thought: we can attach any feeling to a thought that arises & shift our perception.
  • Law of Substitution:  replace a negative thought with a positive one.
  • Law of Forgiveness:  anger & resentment dissolves, connecting us with Source.
  • Law of Subconscious:  when the subconscious accepts an idea, it works in mysterious ways to manifest the demand; connecting with an infinite universe.
  • Law of Growth:  what we think about grows.  What we forget becomes dissolves.
  • Law of Practice: practicing these laws provides skillful means.

By memorizing and becoming familiar with each law it is possible to steer the boat even in turbulent waters.  We can empower ourself to breath into the moment, leave the mind that churns, and make a decision to drop down into the body and feel the sensations – allow the elemental forces within to inform us, pay less attention to fearful thoughts, and eventually substitute a fearful thought for a positive one.  A deeper truth can emerge.

Concentration is required to recognize when we have lost control over the mind, the wheel is spinning; conscious awareness is being able to be the observer and choose what we want to experience.  Our inner experience is tempered by the laws of nature.  We are nature: earth, water, fire, air.  How can we be in our true nature?  How can we balance the elements within?

Acceptance of the moment of being the storm reduces one’s resistance to the present moment of unwanted experiences. Instead of pushing away the unwanted experience, we can come to rest in the present moment, in the eye of the storm, and surf through the turbulent emotions/feelings without reactivity,  by cultivating openness and objectivity.

Law of Substitution: bring the ship back under control and get your bearings by reminding yourself:  I AM THE MASTER & COMMANDER OF MY SHIP.  I DECIDE.

As the commander, we can more closely examine the emotion that we have been resisting and feel it fully; we can come to touch the need underneath the resisted emotion and open to being fully present with ourself, not abandoning ourself, we let go of the habit of leaving our ground, our earth and stay present- embodied.  The storm dissipates once we touch this depth of being, this vulnerability, is really our inner strength.

The Virtues of true peace and stillness can arise. By shining a focused light of awareness on our inner experience, we CONNECT with the deepest part of ourself.  Staying the course, breathing in breathing out, WE COMMAND OUR SHIP WITH TRUE POWER of being present within.

The resistance is fully satisfied, fully experienced;  wholeness, presence, we have empowered ourself by allowing ourself to stay present, even in the darkest of moments.  We are the commander of our ship.






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