Week 11 Law of Growth

Affirm Only What You Want. What you put your attention on grows.  Buddha said, “the thoughts you think about become your reality.”    

One’s conduct should be finer than flour.  I remember this from my Buddhist teachers; and that wanting to benefit all living beings increases the power of your aspiration exponentially, cultivating the big heart, Bodhicitta, one flows in the river of this great love. In lesson 12 from last Sunday, “an enormous channel of service opens  as I contribute to others getting what they want.”

Oh those index cards are filling my living room, with positivity.  What I focus my attention on growths.  The law of growth.  We move from negativity to living a positive life.

Brain gym:  touch left hand to right knee, thinking of the color and shapes connected to my DMP.  Breathing in an aromatic fragrance of an essential oil. Music. Integrate the five senses into our DMP.

Short and sweet this week!



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2 Responses to Week 11 Law of Growth

  1. Jennifer Hunter says:

    I am loving those index cards too!!

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