Week 9 Transformation deep in the Brain


Inevitably, a ship sailing on the deep waters of spiritual consciousness may run into obstacles and the captain will need to navigate through treacherous waters.  Good news? Bad news?  By staying non-reactive and not judging what is happening is how I navigated through uncharted territory last week and by opening to a deeper understanding about how I hold myself back.  Liberation! Freedom from some unnamed fear.  It was not an easy passage.  My beautiful boat with white sails had dropped anchor and would not budge until I dove into the deep blue-black water to find what I had left behind –  a sense of feeling powerless, a despair as deep as the ocean that I will never be able to change the darkness. This was the deep psychic imprint and yet, when I opened the box sitting on the ocean floor it transformed into beautiful gleaming jewels shining out. My perception began opening and shifting with Trust and Faith and Virtue, a jeweled clarity.

What is required? Skill full means and understanding and utilizing the 7 Laws of the Mind, while not repressing or rejecting my inner experience, staying present with the “dread.”

I made a decision to focus on and experience: Grace, Calm, Peace, Equanimity.  My hands are on the wheel of my boat and I steer with ease and grace. “Our Life as a Boat” was highlighted in lesson 9 on page 2:  “you are steering the boat with your thoughts, the wake = your past and the old blue print.”

I am celebrating having made an adjustment to the sails with my DMP as my compass.  I am perceiving things differently.  “There is a different internal response” and I now have access to a greater freedom, lightness, joy, peace.  The jeweled consciousness gleaming through, shimmering Truth:  that this light has always been present, that I have never been separated from this wholeness.  There is no need to be afraid with awareness of my inner light, a light that can never go out.  The indestructible space inside of my matrix unites with the outer.  This changes the whole trajectory, the field.

I have been visualizing my new reality daily as a service to others, electrifying and activating that mysterious mind that never sleeps.  Alchemy!  I am building the confidence to face my fears and still sail directly, single pointedly into my life, in union with my Definite meaningful purpose in deep contact with my heart.  I walk in gratitude.

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2 Responses to Week 9 Transformation deep in the Brain

  1. peraction says:

    Inspiring read ! Taking charge as Captain of the ship, sailing through the fears to the shimmering light from within. Thank you !

  2. Jennifer Hunter says:

    What a powerful blog. I am stunned and inspired to grab the wheel of my ship and bring it back around since it has been floundering, caught in a riptide of sorts. Thank you for the Tow out of troubled waters so I could get back on course.

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