Week 5 Celebration for follow through

When you have done something and completed it CELEBRATE!  Let that joy seep into every fiber of your being.  Full satisfaction for taking a risk, sitting in the mystery with not knowing how you are going to do something until, Va BOOM!  Before you know it you typing away on the keyboard your interview for having attained your precious DMP.

Neurons that fire together wire together and I bet as a tribe in the MKE program, a lot of firing of those precious neurons is lighting up a new brain chemical of MY NAME IS SUCCESS. I SUCCEED. I WIN. I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE.

Make a choice to feel different and fired up about the direction your life is taking.  Don’t listen to the old programming. Sorry, discontinued.  We don’t listen to that station any longer.  Only positive thoughts, feelings of joy, happiness for living my life purpose and for having deep and meaningful relationships.  Change that brain chemistry.

I dance in the joy of celebration of living, of life!


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1 Response to Week 5 Celebration for follow through

  1. Pieter Last says:

    Naomi thank you for sharing. Great post! I’m celebrating with you. I also believe in creating beautiful memories of awesome moments in life. Keep it up and soon you’ll be the one you always wanted to be.

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