Press Release

Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Sundays Television, teams up with Arianna Stassinopoulos  Huffington, the CEO of The Thrive Global Podcast and her i-heart media, to produce a media blitz that spans twelve months to empowers women and men in exploring a new paradigm for healing sexual abuse and ending the devaluation of women and Naomi Lombardi’s work.

The media blitz promotes:  Naomi’s weekly call in talk show & syndicated columnist in several U.S. newspapers, her performances, book tours, workshops, across major American, Canadian cities and then abroad in Italy, U.K. Madrid, Spain, France.  Naomi will lead tours through the sacred sites of Italy & Sicily, diving deep into the ancient mystery rites of becoming whole and complete.  The Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Buddhist teachers are a part of this process and will officiate by invoking prayers for peace.  The goal is to have groups of women read the monologue in communities around the world to empower and Honor the sacred in women, men and the Earth.

Ariana Stassinopoulos Huffington,  Naomi Lombard, MA Clinical Psychology,  reports about Lombardi’s new book,  Dancing in the Underworld: the Quest for Wholeness  (published January 2020) & her one-woman show, Jeweled Lotuses Everywhere, that she has had been performing since May 2019:  “You will never be the same, Naomi’s Broadway hit, enchants audiences by taking them on a ride back into history, back into the ancient mystery rites of initiation. Naomi has been enchanting audiences across America, Canada, the UK, Italy and globally, bringing to light the depth of the human soul that has the capacity to triumph over difficult life circumstances by drawing on ancient wisdom and the transformation of consciousness. I am proud to support her work!  Let the Greeks and Italians unite in brining to light ancient wisdom that enlightens our societies!”  Learning how to dissolve destructiveness individually and collectively is just what our world needs. Whatever I can do to help this movement, I will do it.”

Oprah Winfrey states, “This is one of the most enlivening and thrilling performances I have experienced!   I am proud to team up with Arianna in a media blitz that promotes Lombardi’s one woman show,  which has taken the literary and performance world by storm, Jeweled Lotuses Everywhere! You will LOVE listening to her enchanting story telling and become enlivened by the live drumming. You can’t help but feel the JOY & Bliss, to move in unison with the heartbeat of the Earth.  The act of touching your feet is like a prayer gone viral across the globe.  Collectively, we are sending blessings directly to the Earth, who is our Mother and an enlivening spiritual consciousness.  I strongly believe this can heal our planet, just as much as Naomi does.  This is an opportunity to heal society and transform human consciousness to bring awareness to end human trafficking and the devaluation of the feminine and weave men into the equation.”

When asked how she got started, “it all began when I wanted to honor my mother and grandmother by writing a simple cookbook sharing their stories and favorite recipes.  When they came in a dream back in 1998 and declared, “We want you to write our stories.”  It was a journey that I could not foresee how much this would change the entire trajectory of my life.”  If you want to know the rest, come to the show!

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  1. peraction says:

    Wow, so inspiring ! Would love to see it !

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