Week 5 Majestic Horse Galloping….

The majestic horse gallops into my life – and takes me on the ride of my life!  I whistle for those horses and feel the ground shake under my feet.  My fingers are white as I grasp onto his black course mane with my face to the wind, I am no longer afraid of traversing in unknown territory and am exhilarated by the challenge.  I ride fervently, single pointedly & directly into the living body of the earth, to find out who I am and am not.

The assignment in the webinar today – to let go of having opinions.  I am recognizing how having an opinion has caused suffering and how I unknowingly kept myself in the prison of ego. Not having an opinion will make my life easier. I can relax, be open and objective. I can let go of the past and of past mistakes on having a mistaken perception about reality. I am in great gratitude for the staff, guides and fellow travelers.

I affirm that I am allowing myself to trust life and the goodness of life, and the goodness in myself and others.  Mark said to embrace our struggles when they arise.  I do wrestle with doing the homework “right” and in trusting myself to uncover my true needs. Every time I read my DMP it didn’t flow, which means that I am not aligned in my truth. I got clear on my PPN’s.  (pivotal personal needs).  Making a stand for what I want in my life has seemed daunting in the past, but with this process, I am cultivating courage to stand in my integrity.  I am coming more into alignment with my truth and connect with an increasing clarity what my definite meaningful purpose is.

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