Week 6 Connecting with One’s Value

I hit the wall running last week and was forced to stop and take stock of my journey.  I didn’t feel like a heroine.  Standing in the footprints of my integrity I saw into the hidden depths of my mind which revealed what has been holding me back.  Within the labyrinth of my mind a fear decades old spilled out like ink from a pen.  All I could do was stand in my integrity and be grateful, “I’ve been looking for you for ever. So you are what has been stopping me.”  What can I do for you?

Under the fear monster was the most precious tenderness – the fullness of a heart beating out of all four chambers, fully embodied with the depth of red and a vitality surging through my matrix.  Here is what I have been searching for, the Holy Grail, the elixir that enlightens upon taste, a fully feeling and embodied heart, the gateway to living a worthwhile life.  I had lost touch with this part of myself – to discover this buried treasure I connect with my value. A precious golden nectar flows through this heartfelt presence, honey in the heart.

I could not move forward without connecting with this treasure. I could not go on without my Essential Heart.


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5 Responses to Week 6 Connecting with One’s Value

  1. nice discovery thanks for sharing

  2. Pieter Last says:

    Great awareness Naomi, We all have to get to a point where we make the decision to ….

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