Week 15 Sailing on a Sea of Kindness


It pours out from your eyes, your heart, your hands, your intention, like warm honey in your heart. Can you taste the sweetness?  What people remember is HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL.

Your words can either heal or harm.  We all know what it is like to be the recipient of even one harsh word. Words can pierce the heart!  Words carefully chosen can warm, enliven and enrich one’s experience and build bridges.

Kindness can build strong communities. Today after the webcast, I watched Mully, one of the movies suggested for our homework two weeks ago.  I was afraid to watch the movie all the way through, but I summoned the courage.  It was an INITIATION INTO THE MYSTERIES OF THE HEART.  A theme kept repeating:  kindness.  Courage. Determination. Kindness. Courage. Forgiveness.

Kindness is a barometer that measures the virtues that dwell within:  forgiveness stands out for me from the movie.  Extending kindness to those who have harmed you.  Now thats a prayer.  I found myself on the floor sobbing deeply ;  I felt a wave move the sweet melody through my heart, of deep baritone resonance. Where is this depth feeling grief, love, joy coming from? The collective unconscious grief? Joy? Bliss?  Unconditional love.

The Madonna cried a vale of tears.

Quan Yin hears the cries of the world.  She pours from her vase in her hand, an elixir, a nectar for all the world to drink in.  Enlightenment upon taste.

Drink up, now!  Serve the nectar of a kind word.  Pour it out everywhere. Notice how it touches humanity.  Notice how watching an act of kindness activates a deep reservoir of honey in your heart.  Warmth. Sweetness.  Kindness. AH.

This is my love letter to sailing on the smooth sea of kindness.








An ancient Babylonian proverb, “A kind word is everybody’s friend.”

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