Week 15 Create a Movement!

Imagine the support of a community, behind you, besides you, with a strong foundation underneath your feet.  Your tribe. You’ve all come to the same conclusion:  something must change.

Imagine a fleet of sleek and sturdy wooden sail boats, white sails billowing with a strong wind at your back, sailing directly, determinedly single pointedly towards a single goal.

Bows all headed in one direction, each boat painted with the name of a Virtue:  Triumph, Courage, Faith, Honor, Forgiveness, Kindness, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Gratitude, Gentleness, Graciousness, Commitment, Beauty, Mercy, Authenticity, Acceptance, Confidence, Compassion, Dignity, Enthusiasm, Equanimity, Justice, Love, Trust.

Building a movement takes only 24 hours, like the movement we are building at the MKE in Week 15, Building a movement of kindness, of independent thinkers.  Mark J’s blog, inspires us to lead a movement.  Seth Godin’s video in Mark’s blog says all you have to do is stand.  Stand in your commitment, your integrity. What really matters to you?  Build a culture by telling a story, connecting people who want to connect with each other.  Challenging the status quo ignites that momentum of molten lava, to carve out a path that makes a different, that only the goddess knows where it leads.

You have a story about what you want to change; connect like minded folks with each other; build a culture that bridges with a unifying activity, and a common goal.

An example could be UNIVERSAL PEACE, with the signature of igniting audiences with a story of how to live a life of harmony, peace & joy, unifying audiences with powerful drumming. Invite them to move their bodies, their feet, their voices. Setting forth a movement.  What about a song-phrase that strikes a cord in the heart with a common cause?  How do you wake up a passion that may have been dormant, suppressed, almost denied.  The drums at first are in resonance with the human heart beat.  At the end of the story telling, dancers appear adorned in full white hooped skirts, white tops, heads wrapped in white, dance in slow deliberate movement in unison, touch the earth with their footsteps, arms and hands low to the ground, proceed through the isles, from the back and sides of the room, drummers step out of the dark and lead the dancers to the front.

Everyone can touch the earth with their footsteps, in unison with the heartbeat of the Mother Earth to an ever enlivening melody with drummers, Afro-Brazilian music, that inspires everyone to live a life of sacredness, a reverence for the Earth and Humanity, re-sacralizing our Earth, our lives.  Each footstep is a prayer uniting communities world wide to heal our Mother Earth and the divinity within relationships between women and men.  Honoring & respecting that spark of aliveness, that goodness that is innate in each living being – each tender heart.

Peace, harmony, joy within their communities, their relationships, their homes, cities, states, countries, the world.  Honoring each other and our Mother Earth.

The leader inspires others to to want something they don’t yet have.  Burning desire to be  on the journey with like minded folks, this desire burning with a passion, as hot as red molten lava.  Can you feel how you want to move your feet and sway with the group?





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4 Responses to Week 15 Create a Movement!

  1. peraction says:

    Yes, I can feel how I want to move my feet and sway with the group. Very much !

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