Master Key Experience: week one

Energy has surfaced from some hidden wellspring since participating in the Master Key Experience only three days ago.  I got started late on the course and was asked if I could catch up.  Yes, I replied. I appreciate being let in.  I am preparing by having cleaned and organized my house, paperwork, this is brand new, having all this energy to do all these tasks plus listen to week one, two and three, the homework.  In all honesty, I am still working on the assignments – with great enthusiasm.  The cobwebs are clearing from my mind.   I am prepared for the live broadcast tomorrow at 1 p.m..    I realize how I used indecisiveness as a means to “control.”

I am deeply inspired by Og Mandino’s Scroll 1, reading it brings tears to my eyes.  Everytime I read it, I feel stronger and have more conviction that I can do this, CHANGE MY LIFE.  This course is changing my life. I have been recovering from a neck injury and small TIA’s (small strokes) from a car accident, many years ago.  I have making aspirations for the last 16 years, that I am going to work again, engaging with my life purpose.  Here it is, a miracle.  I am a miracle.

In Great Gratitude.  Naomi


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1 Response to Master Key Experience: week one

  1. The journey continues, we are all on the path to awakeing to our own inner mystery.

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