Week 13 Music & Brain Chemicals

Ebbing and flowing, the waves on the ocean roll one after the other weaving in and out,  act like a mirror for circulating the spiritual consciousness that flows within each of us.

Self directed thinking combined with persistence, and with Virtue at the helm, I have confidence that my sleek and streamlined boat is on course, sailing towards living an enlivened life and the accomplishment of my DMP.

Persistence is an energy force that when combined with listening to the recording of my DMP becomes enlivened deep inside my brain, as it is ‘music’ to my ears.  What happens deep inside the brain as I listen to the sound of my own voice & favorite music?

The melody activates the pre-frontal cortex which releases ‘feel good’ brain chemicals of oxytocin (reinforces trusting and bonding) and endorphins (sheer sensual pleasure).  What is the result?   Breaking through the chemical addiction of peptides in the brain that once linked my thoughts and actions to perhaps a poor self image, low self esteem, are now transformed easily and effortlessly.

Brain research also reveals that the medial pre-frontal cortex lights up with story telling when combined with improvisation (enthusiasm, movement) – an identity becomes “enlivened” pulling the narrator out of a “trauma identity and freeing oneself from the old pattern of negativity.  Creativity heals.

When a person engages in expressing their autobiographical narrative the medial pre-frontal cortex becomes like a magical lyre igniting a heightened self expression that is likened to the enchanting song of the sirens, the mysterious mind transforms ones’s story telling into an irresistible melody which the narrator gets to experience themselves in new light.

A censoring activity in the brain ceases, perhaps in the limbic brain which views reality through the lens of fear and negativity – the part of the brain which sends out a WARNING signal.   Individuals with psychological trauma can’t help but have a negativity bias.  And yet, one can over time build a different net of neurons which is FREEDOM!   Smooth sailing ahead.


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5 Responses to Week 13 Music & Brain Chemicals

  1. peraction says:

    Beautiful and supportive description that encourage me to reinforce my way forward.
    Thank you, Naomi !

  2. marcam22 says:

    Great explanation. Thank you Naomi!

  3. iammyhero says:

    I am inspired by the way you write Naomi, thank you

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