Week 12 Sailing the Ship of Virtue

Taking Action on What I Want to have Accomplished… may require a shift in my direction: Consulting with my compass, calculating where my true north is, I can make the necessary adjustments to the sails. 

Taking what I feel completely passionate about, my purpose, and using the energy of what is truly the “why” of my mission statement, ignites the flame of taking action.   I take full responsibility for what I experience and the results of what I have manifested.

Sailing full force ahead has required a shift in my focus as an obstacle arose that took the wind out of my sails. I had to pause and reflect on why I was doing what I was doing and examine my goals and the people I had been involved with, over the last three years.  It was shocking. I felt lost at sea. How had I deceived myself? How can I change my course to reflect my deep and cherished Values of living a virtuous life?

Recognizing that I was headed in the wrong direction my trustworthy inner compass opened my eyes: what I perceived as an obstacle was actually a blessing even though it took the wind out of my sails.  New decisions were to be made.  How can I make the necessary changes with Virtue at the helm?

Transforming momentary confusion and lack of clarity, meant changing direction and tacking to comprehend which side of the ship the wind is coming from while under way, otherwise my ship may be lost at sea.  Compass reset: port or starboard?   Tacking is the maneuver of turning between starboard and port tack by bringing the bow (the forward part of the boat) through the wind.

Wind represents a force, could be an unconscious force that had been steering me in the wrong direction.  Who is at the helm?  Who is steering the boat?  Had I been making myself vulnerable to outside forces by not being fully present with in myself, unconsciously giving my power away?  Turning the bow to the wind, with Virtue guiding my actions, the moral excellence of a human being, I can be what I choose to be.

Living a life of Gratitude I sail on the smooth sea of Joy and Peace, having overcome disappointment and pain

Living a life of Graciousness, I sail on the smooth sea of Dignity and Tact, transforming disrespect and rudeness, unkind words.

Living a life of Honor, I sail on the smooth sea of Dignity and Respect, having overcome shame.

Living a life of Integrity, I sail on the smooth sea of attuning to a code of conduct that is finer than flour, being complete and undivided deep within my true essence.  I value Honesty and Trust that help transcend corruption & deceitfulness.

Living a life of Gentleness, I sail on the smooth sea of Patience & Peace, offering a quiet nature free of harshness or violence, overcoming aggression.

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