Week 7 Staying the Course

My movie trailer is a reenactment of the my hopes, dreams and deepest desires and acts like an elixir that reconnects me with my Value.  I drink it in daily.   If a thought arises that causes my faith to come into question, I imagine how excellent it tastes to succeed, to be recognized for my creative expression and enjoying a life of liberty.

Staying the course, I ride the waves on the azure Mediterranean ocean, on my well built wooden boat, it is sleek, skillful and streamlined as its white sails brings me closer to the crowning glory of having achieved my definite meaningful purpose in life and enjoying the journey.  I walk with confidence as the ocean sprays cool mist;  hearing the full white sails snap as I adjust my course, keeping my compass close;  with focus and concentration I take in the fullness of the power of positive thinking, harnessing the power of my mind, the mysterious mind that never sleeps, but acts like a compass, I am my True North.

The melody plays in the background, calling to me like the sirens irresistible song as my entire matrix and being are woven with my life’s intention, of the enchanting life I have always dreamed of, and now, am sailing directly, single pointedly and determinedly into the middle of living an enlivened life.  Power to the people whose hearts are open and can rest in the openness of welcoming a new life.  I am grateful.

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2 Responses to Week 7 Staying the Course

  1. cindyoneblog says:

    Hey love reading your creative thoughts if you want to mastermind i am here, put me on your marco polo 1-403-201-5835 or blog me.

  2. Pieter Last says:

    Great post Naomi! Just loved reading it tonight. I believe your last words to be true for an awesome life of abundance. That is indeed there for the taking, when we are GRATEFUL!

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